Kid’s Happy Family Card (Donkey / Snap / Old Maid/Happy Family)

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These Games Takes you back to a Much Simpler time, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth……. “Kidding !!!”……..
The Games are suitable for both Kids and for the Inner Child in Adults.
This Set consists of 4 of the most Famous Children’s Card Games that Ruled the 90’s.
The Best Part is, you Get one Decks of each Card Game.
Games included in this Set:
DONKEY : A card game which consists of 17 pairs & 1 “Donkey Card. The idea of the game is to get rid of all your cards to be saved and avoid being the one left with the “Donkey Card”.
The pack contains 2 Donkey cards so can also be used as a “Pairs” or “Memory” game.
SNAP : The cards are shuffled between the players and players take turns to turn over their top card. When a card is turned over that matches the card in the middle the first player to place their hand on the pile and shout “SNAP” takes the pile and adds them to the bottom of their cards. The winner is the player to collect all the cards.
OLD MAID : A card game which is played with 36 cards (18 identical pairs).
The aim of the game is not to be the player with the “Old Maid” card at the end.

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