Cico Marketing Sdn Bhd is a leading manufacturer of stationery and household company in Malaysia, Cico Marketing Sdn Bhd was established in Negeri Sembilan and its tradename is “CICO” carries a wide range of stationery products.

The Growth Of Cico Marketing Sdn Bhd :-
In line with the company’s growth and expansion, we shifted to stategic shoplots located In Orkland Commecial Park,Seremban Negeri Sembilan Malaysia.

We started government project.And our compang growth exceeded multi level company.

We allready penetrate China,Indonesia and India market.

Cico marking sdn .bhd.expanded to a newly-built 46,000 sqft building for further expansion.

We glad to annouced that now we are established to e-commerce platform. We have own shopee and lazada platform in our Cico. For offline trade is Cico Marketing and online is Cico.my
And now we a growing towards online orders and also purchasings. Moreover, now we are doing Cico.my online dropship, Cico Online Dropship is contain 4000 plus merchants and also 10 agents and also downlines. There are gald to working with us and also, doing their part in their own effort and hardworkings.


Cico Dropship Terms & Conditions
The content of terms and conditions may be change,move or delete at any time. Please note that Cico Dropship Online have the rights to change the contents of the terms and conditions without any notice.Any violation of rules and regulations of these terms and conditions,Cico Dropship Online will take immiediate actions against the offender(s).

The Terms and conditions of sales above apply to all goods supplied by Cico Dropship Online. All orders placed on Cico Dropship Online products advertised on our website are considered an offer for you to purchase items selected in your order.No contract exists between us until we have received and accepted your order.When orders are placed you will receive an email confirming this.This notification that the order has been accepted by Cico Dropship Online.

Cico Dropship Online reserves the right to cancel the contract of sale if the payment for order is not received in full. These terms & conditional of sale apply to all goods supplied by Cico Online dropshipping they do not affect your statutory rights. We have taken every care to descripe and show all items as accurately as possible,and with accordance to the manufacturer’s specification. Despite this a slight variation in items may occur.We provide you with product information on the website.If there is anything,which you do not understand,or if you wish to obtain furture information,please contact the customer service team via email :support@cico.my .

User shall agree that there will be no comment(s) submitted to the http://cico.my will violate any rights of any third party,including copyrights,trademarks,privacy of other personal or proprietary right(s).Furthermore the user shall agree there will not be content of unlawful,abusive or obscene material(s) submitted to the site.User will be that only one responsible for any comment’s content made.

Cico Dropship Accuracy Information
From time to time,there may be information on http://cico.my that contains typographical error,inaccuracies,omissions,that may relate to product description,pricing,avsilsbility and information without prior notice to the customers.Please email us and we will correct it as soon as possible.

Cico Dropship Termination
Every effort is made to ensure the prices shown on the website are accurate at the time of placing an order,If an item has been under priced in error,we contact you and offer the following fews options:
1.Placement of a new order at the correct price of the goods
2.Cancellation of the whole order
3.cancellation of your order for the miss-priced goods and reconfirmation of your order for the correcly priced goods.

Cico Dropship Payment
Payment can be made by MayBank Transfer to your Wallet and shall be due before despatch of goods.If your payment fails your order will be cancelled within 3 days,unless you contact to specify otherwise.
No goods will be despatched until payment has been made in full.
Website prices are listed in RM (Malaysia Ringgit) and this is the accepted payment currency.
*In case dropshipping terminated account , we will refund the e-wallet balance to your bank account.?Dropshipping need to nodify us and provide bank account number)

Cico Dropship Delivery
Delivery will be made to the address specified through our checkout when you complete your order.
Should you wish be change the delivery address after goods have been dispatched from our disoatch center,we will require you to cover the delivery chardes for the redirection (please note re-direction is only available for goods despatched via courier).The charges will be the same as the original delivery charge.Please be aware that redirection approval is subject to your order and account status.
If a order dispatched with a wrong postal code then we would refund for the item only and you must place the order again and for postage if you still wish to have the order. Order are aimed to be delivered on 2pm before after despatch.After 2pm order are delivered next day.Postal orders can take up to 3 working days to arrive after an order is placed. Please note a working day is any other than weekends and courier company or other public holidays.

Contact Information
Address: support@cico.my
Email: support@cico.my

Cico.my Dropship Product Return Policy And Procedures

Stay calm and contact us. In the event of customer complaint and request for return or refund, please stay calm and contact out Whatsapp Customer Service Team at 6012-8603115 or support@cico.my. Our support team available Monday – Saturday,9am-4pm.

What do we need to verufy that the item is allowed for exchange or return in most cases,we will need your help to get a few photo or video (Handphone standard is sufficient,no need studio photography), of the item,show us where is the problem and we will get it processed. Off course, we will need to know the Cico order ID too. Please remind your buyer to ensure that the parcel has all the items including the packaging in it.Make sure the parcel is not see through and sealed well. Paste the consignment note on the parcel. We suggest you to try ask whether buyer accepts prodcut exchange as first option.any in case,you and your buyer shall have the option to either get refund for the item’s amount paid as stated in the sales order or produxt replacement. However ,in the the event where the particular item is out of stack, Cico.my shall refund the amount to you (Dropship of wallet). The product return or refund normally takes about 7 working days to complete. The courier company will automatically return the goods to you.(Note:The courier company will not return goods to Cico.my), Cico Dropshipper have to courier back goods to us, the post age is responsible for our company , depanding on the situations.

Refund or replacement will not be application for following situations:

1.Original packaging missing
2.Any item that has been worn or altered
3.Used items

Cico Dropship Faulty Item(s)

If you receive goods that faulty or incomplete on arrival,you nust notify us within 48 hours of receipt of the item in writing (by post,by email or by using the contact us page on the website).
We do not cover faults caused by accident,neglect,misure or normal wear and tear.Consumable items,such as non-rechargeable batteries will be replaced if found to be inoperative on delivery,consumable items,(E.g batteries) are not covered for replacement during “normal”use.
We request photographic evidence of any visible faults instead of a return.

We will check products returned as faulty.If the fault is verified,we will replace the item within 3 working days at no additional cost to you will be reimbursed for any reasonable carriage costs incurred by the return,If any reason,we are unable to replace the item (for example,due to discontinuation of a product),you will be offered a choice of a substitute alternative product or a refund for the faulty item.

Please do not place duplicate orders for replacement of damaged/faulty goods.
In the event the faulty goods are to be returned to us by the recipient,if the goods you have returned are found not to be faulty,you will be notified in writing.You will receive a refund or an offer of a replacement for the original goods,however we will ask you to cover the delivert charges and no return delivery charges will be refunded.

Cico Dropship Returns Procedure

Please note as stated above,in the event of an item arriving damaged contact must be made to ourselves in writing and we will advise whether a return is necessary.we request photographic evidence of all damages wherever possble,rather than return. Items should be returned in their original packing and “as new” to the despatch depot : Mantin Warehouse.

Before returning any items,you must inform Cico.my of the reason for the return.Please quote your original order number on all returns and correspondence. In the event of an item returned to Cico.my not arriving,you will be asked to provide tracking details (where applicable) or a receipt of proof of postage. If an item(s) is returned to Cico.my without any written communication,and not in line with our returns procedure,Cico.my will not compensate for any transport costs involved.


Cico Dropshipping has grown hugely in popularity over the past decade because it offers digitally-native retailers fast and easy entry into the marketplace. This is because Cico Dropshipping doesn’t require you to own and manage your own inventory; instead, customer orders are passed on directly to the product’s manufacturer, another retailer, or a specialist Cico dropshipping service for them to fulfill and ship on your behalf. This means that Cico dropshipping cuts out a lot of complex logistics management because the merchant never has to interact with the product themselves and they only need to facilitate the actual sale.


Because merchants don’t own their stock when Cico dropshipping, they don’t get caught up in the large upfront costs needed to purchase inventory. It’s only when an order is placed that the merchant has to pay for the items requested – meaning that they are effectively buying one unit at a time. Furthermore, having a third-party be responsible for handling order fulfillment and shipping massively reduces overheads by eliminating the need to rent warehousing space or hire staff for this purpose.


Because you only pay for items when orders are placed, dropshipping allows merchants to experiment relatively risk-free with diversifying their offerings through new product lines. Put simply, you aren’t saddled with a bunch of excess stock that you need to find a way of getting rid of if it doesn’t take off.


A distinct brand identity, smart marketing, and strong customer retention strategies are crucial to achieving longevity in such a saturated marketplace – yet many businesses simply can’t give these areas the attention they deserve. Because dropshipping takes a lot of internal management off your hands, this gives you increased bandwidth to focus on these all-important business activities that often fall by the wayside.

When purchasing wholesale, merchants will approach manufacturers directly and buy items in bulk to get a more favorable price per unit. Because the products are branded and are already established, all the merchant needs to do is list the item on their store and incur sales off their existing reputation.


Generous stock discounts

The biggest advantage of purchasing wholesale stock is that this comes at a generous discount compared with buying units individually. Best of all, the discount you can obtain from the wholesaler improves as your order volumes increase, meaning that your profit margins can rise substantially over time.

Offering a branded experience

Because wholesale gives you direct control over the order fulfillment process, you have a great opportunity to customize the unboxing experience and make a favorable impression on your customers. Immersive brand experiences that speak of your business’s values help to foster customer loyalty, which in turn increases the odds of repeat purchases.

Selling products with a good track record

Because wholesale gives you access to products and brands that are already well-established, you can leverage this familiarity to give you more credibility as a vendor. Moreover, it’s a powerful marketing strategy that helps to attract new consumer segments when you expand your product range with a new brand or product offering.

Cico Dropshipping Challenges

Though it is a popular retail strategy, there are specific challenges associated with dropshipping. Successful dropshipping requires the particulars of its workflow align with your business goals. You must also work with the negative impacts associated with dropshipping, such as lower profit margins or potential legal issues.

Reliance on Third-Party Suppliers
Retailers are typically reliant to some extent on their suppliers, but this is especially true for those who use dropshipping services. If a third-party supplier fails to execute an order as promised, the retailer pays the price when the customer complains. Similarly, if a supplier suddenly goes out of business, the retailer faces massive disruption to its own business operations.These types of issues would be less of a blow if a retailer has physical inventory on hand, allowing operations to continue during the search for a new supplier. It’s important for new brands to have a working contingency plan in place in the event of such a disruption.

Dropshipping puts control over areas such as product availability and quality control in the hands of third parties as well. It deprives retailers of the ability to inspect items before they ship to customers or offer value-added services, such as pre-installing software on a phone or inscribing a custom message on jewelry.

High Level of Competition
The ease with which a retailer can take advantage of dropshipping means you’re likely to face substantial competition. Unless your business has an exclusive agreement with a supplier to dropship certain products, there is nothing stopping competitors from selling the same products you offer.This means that retailers who rely on dropshipping may have a harder time standing out from the crowd because they won’t be able to offer products or services unique to their brands. Retailers will need to compete in other ways, such as providing an exceptional customer experience or providing a memorable, user-friendly eCommerce experience.

Tight Profit Margins
Because dropshipping involves outsourcing part of the order fulfillment process to a third party, it lowers your revenue. This means you will usually need to increase sales volume in order to turn the same profit as a traditional retailer.

Difficult Customer Support
When something goes wrong with an order, providing customer support to sort out the issue is more difficult for retailers who don’t control their inventory. If the customer has a question about the product, claims it was defective, or never received it, the retailer may need to work with the third-party seller to resolve the issue. This creates more work and management overhead than if no supplier was involved in the order fulfillment process.

Learn the 5 W’s of Dropshipping Tax Rules

How to Get Started with Dropshipping
Before kicking off a dropshipping business, you need to develop a strategy to set you apart from the competition.

Finding Your Niche and Planning for Growth
The first step is to identify the right market opportunity. As noted above, it’s easy for retailers to begin dropshipping, so you need to find a consumer audience that is not already saturated by other sellers dropshipping the same items you are planning to offer. A good approach is to focus on identifying products that are typically difficult for buyers to obtain without engaging a supplier directly, but also hard for retailers to maintain within their own physical inventory.

Take specialized automotive parts, for example. They are not typically offered off the shelf in most retail stores. At the same time, they would be difficult for all but the largest of retailers to keep in stock, because each specialized part is likely to see a low sales volume. Therefore, each would be costly to keep in inventory, relative to the revenue it generates over a given period of time. By dropshipping these items, a smaller retailer can offer them profitably.

If you can enter into an agreement with a supplier to fulfill orders, you can effectively sell within a particular market space in a way that gives you an advantage over traditional retailers who may seek to sell the same types of products.

It’s also important to think about which market space is best for the long-term growth of your business. Focusing on a line of products you have some expertise in will be an advantage over the competition even if other retailers begin dropshipping the same types of products. Likewise, do your research to determine how much the category of items you sell is expected to grow in coming years.

Creating Your Own Dropshipping Site
Once you’ve determined your product focus, you are ready to create dropshipping website. There are a variety of eCommerce platforms available to help with this task, and it’s important to choose one that aligns with your business goals. One factor to consider is how comprehensive the platform’s capabilities are. To keep things simple, you may want to choose a single solution that provides everything you need to build a dropshipping site rather than relying on multiple options.
Another factor is how much visibility your dropshipping site and associated tools will give you into the order management process. To help run customer support operations and gain insight into any issues with suppliers, you should be able to collect as much information as possible about what happens after forwarding each order to the supplier.The Cico Dropship online user experience is an important factor to consider as well, as providing a seamless digital commerce environment can help you stand out in competitive markets. Make sure your site is configured for users to conveniently access, browse, and purchase through their preferred devices.

Handling Finances
While Cico dropshipping requires relatively little initial investment, it’s critical to manage finances properly in order to generate a profit over the long term. Stay on top of the profit generated by each sale and don’t be afraid to explore other product offerings if your current line isn’t generating the expected amount of revenue. You should also reevaluate your Cico dropshipping partnerships on an ongoing basis. You may be able to find a new supplier who offers lower costs for the same products. This type of adaptability is critical for maximizing dropshipping’s revenue potential.

Finally, factor taxation into your financial equation. Dropshipping makes taxation somewhat more complex because sales tax calculations depend in part on where the supplier is located. Check out this tax rules guide for details on how to approach taxation for a dropshipping business.

Working with Suppliers and Fulfilling Orders
Because Cico dropshipping suppliers play a central role in the fulfillment process, it’s important to choose one that is reliable and offers rapid order processing. Do your research and look for established suppliers with a demonstrated track record of successful retailer partnerships.

Form relationships with multiple suppliers so if one runs out of an item – or goes out of business – you have a backup ready to pick up the slack. Order and test out a few products from each to see if they can deliver quality goods in a timely fashion. This has the added bonus of giving you first-hand experience with the products you’re selling so you can better market them to customers.

Pay attention to agreements regarding what happens if a supplier runs out of stock, known as a “backorder” situation. Find out if it cancels an order entirely or if it will be fulfilled when said item is back in stock. Likewise, if a customer reports a problem with an order caused by the supplier and you determine a refund to the customer is warranted, find out if the dropshipper refunds your costs associated with the item or if you have to absorb the expense. You should also look for a supplier who offers contractual guarantees items will ship within a certain timeframe.

Remember, good communication with suppliers is critical to working through the problems that will inevitably arise. When you first approach a dropshipper, pay close attention to how easy the company is to work with and how accessible it is. This is especially important given many suppliers are based overseas, which creates additional communication challenges related to time zones and language differences.

Addressing Legal Issues
Dropshipping itself is completely legal, but it can create legal issues if the process isn’t handled correctly.

As noted above, you have to pay attention to jurisdictions where your inventory is stored when calculating sales tax to avoid tax underpayment. Counterfeit items can also create some legal risks for dropshipping retailers as you may be held liable if suppliers ship counterfeit products. You could also be liable for trademark or licensing violations on products your shippers distribute. Choosing reliable, reputable suppliers can help reduce these risks. So can reviewing the items you sell for signs of potential issues. For example, if your dropshipper claims to be able to supply designer handbags for a fraction of what they cost elsewhere, get proof the items are genuine and all necessary licenses are in place.

Make Dropshipping Easy with the Right Platform
Launching a successful dropshipping site hinges on choosing the right platform. Cico Commerce offers a variety of features, such as catalog management tools, which make it easy to keep track of extensive inventories, even if you don’t stock the products yourself. This also provides a powerful system for tax calculation, allowing retailers to factor in all variables when working with Cico dropshipping suppliers. Additionally, analytics and reporting features help retailers track orders and maintain profitability at any scale. This is a particularly important consideration for businesses which relies on the dropshipping model in order to achieve a high sales volume while maintaining a small staff.

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